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by Zora Muriel Schmid

Ethical considerations and responsible innovation have become an integral part of the discourse on technology. So what is the role of a digital trust label and what does the international landscape of initiatives look like?

We are excited to share a newlyon ethical labels and certifications for the digital realm, which we co-authored with the .
We were able to contribute our expertise in creating mappings in the highly dynamic international landscape of frameworks, guidelines, labels and certifications in the digital — a domain that seems to be growing by the…

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Image: Ryoji Iwata via Unsplash

by Zora Muriel Schmid

There is a persistent belief (and hope) that AI will rid society of discrimination, personal biases and create a fair and just world. A friend of mine recently described his love for machine learning. He enthused about the beauty of data, being without value judgement, without ideology — an entity pure and neutral. He couldn’t be further from the truth.

An algorithm goes beyond being just data. Or rather: data is not neutral. Ideology, personal experience and biases come into play at every step of its creation. That artificial intelligence is biased and results in discriminatory…

by Zora Muriel Schmid

‘Move fast and break things’ — an internal motto used by Facebook until 2014, describes in a nutshell how short-sighted business goals and fast-track development with skeletal user testing impact us as individuals, as a society and the design industry. Dark Patterns are everywhere and most of the time we don’t even notice them. Still, they take a toll on our physical and mental health and societal cohesion. So what are Dark Patterns and how do they actually work?

Have you ever been stressed out while booking a room online? Thinking that you might miss out…

Photos used courtesy of Wikipedia under CC licence. Sources Engineering journal: ‘The White Star liner Titanic’, vol.91 and Lux’s Type Collection, Ocean liners — Titanic

by Scarlett Eisenhauer

The best movies are those that reflect our own lives back to us, spelling out the human conditions that connect us on an emotional level. The 1997 blockbuster “Titanic” did exactly that for a vast number of viewers. Re-visiting the film today — amidst the Covid-19 pandemic — reveals how we may still be on board the RMS Titanic, and how values and the concept of responsibility play a pivotal role in crossing the line between success and tragedy.

Except this time the glittering, doomed-to-sink ship is our global society and the iceberg is the present coronavirus…

by Scarlett Eisenhauer

People’s in the success of a voluntary digital contact tracing (DCT) app. Without that trust, we may see DCT with little use (it roughly requires 60% use rate), no DCT at all, or forced DCT imposed by authorities. Interfacing with social factors, DCT falls smack into the middle of a trust conflict zone that must be resolved.

Photo by on

The DCT app is an extrapolation of a phone call with our friends and loved ones. One might call family to 1) share personal information like “I am sick” and “who I have been…

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